America 2011, Houston We’ve Landed

Thought it would be appropriate to start off the travel related posts with a trip to America in August/September 2011 as it was our first major overseas adventure. My sister and I had travelled to New Zealand in 2008 for two weeks; however, flight wise it’s a relatively minor three hour flight from Sydney to Auckland in comparison to the 14 hour flight to America.

We were due to head to New York first, unfortunately we managed to time our travel with Hurricane Irene so it wasn’t until we landed in LA that we found out that the east coast had been closed down for flights. A quick change of plans and we were with our family in Houston!


  • What we did: 12 days visiting family and seeing Galveston, the Zoo, Museum of Natural Science, Aquarium and NASA
  • Favourite part: Spending time with our family!
  • Best Experience: Visiting NASA and seeing the size of some of the rockets, and also the training facilities – very cool and definitely worth seeing
  • Worst Experience: None. Other than getting used to the heat and crazy traffic conditions, Houston is a great place to visit and would definitely go back
  • Must See Attraction: NASA, absolutely amazing
  • Next stop: Las Vegas!

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