Milang, South Australia – A Day by the Water

We spent a wonderful day with friends at Milang, South Australia before the 2013 New Year.

Had never been there before, and it was rather impressive to see how large Lake Alexandria is – it was like looking out at the ocean. A great spot to visit for the afternoon, have a picnic and relax by the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen though. The sun in Australia is rather harsh, and a cool breeze on the day made the sun seem not so bad – until we got home and realised how badly burnt my partner was.

The great thing about Milang is it’s only an hour drive from Adelaide!


  • What we did: A day spent by the water playing cricket, followed by dinner at the Strathalbyn Fish & Chip Shop
  • Favourite part: Getting to catch up with our good friends from Norway after two years
  • Must See Attraction: Lake Alexandria
  • How to get here: 1 hour drive from Adelaide, follow the Princes Highway taking the Mount Barker exit

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