Quick Tip: Minor Colour and Contrast Correction

Just a very short post today. Recently I posted a blog post about our trip to Monarto Zoo, where I mentioned about the loop buses you need to take to move through the different areas of the zoo. Unfortunately it’s a dusty area, the bus windows can be rather dirty – and sometimes the only time you may see the animal is from the bus as they are obscured from the viewing platforms.

As you can see in the before image (left) there is a lot of dust on the bus window, which creates a white haze throughout the image. In this case, I used GIMP and experimented adjusting the contrast and brightness of the image as well as adjusting the blue levels which helped to get a photo which looked a bit closer to the original colours. A bit of experimentation is required here to see what needs to be adjusted, and it can be handy to use layers for these adjustments to compare back to the original image and different adjustments to see if the desired effect is being achieved.

This is by no means a perfect image, but I’m happy with the improvements made.

A comparison of original and edited images

A comparison of original (left) and edited (right) images

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