Adventure Kayaking at Rapid Bay, South Australia

We had a great day on Sunday with the Adventure Kayaking SA group paddling around Rapid Bay. The weather was fantastic with very calm water and not too much sun which made for wonderful day on the water.

The day consisted of paddling around Rapid Bay Jetty to see some of the seals, and then heading down the other side of the coast to visit one of the sea caves. We had a rather large group with about 9 or so double kayaks, along with four or so single kayaks and approximately 4 guides. The seals were definitely a highlight, as they were rather curious and were happily swimming not that far away from the kayaks and even following along behind us.

Photography wise this was a challenging day. My camera, a Panasonic Lumix, is not waterproof and spent the majority of the day within a dry bag. My partners camera, a Sony, had a very poorly fitting plastic bag protector which made it very difficult to operate the camera. It was a big challenge just to get the camera on, and pointed towards what we wanted a photo on (the glare on the view finder made it impossible to see) AND having to try to zoom the camera to get past the large black section around the lens. Needless to say, not too many photos but it was a great day.

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