Japan & Hong Kong 2012, Smoggy Hong Kong

After flying out of Osaka we came to the final leg of our trip, a few days in Hong Kong. I have to admit it was a bit of a shock after coming from Japan as the pollution and humidity were smothering. I thought some of the major cities in Japan would be bad, but I didn’t cough once while I was there except for when we got sick – in Hong Kong it was immediate. Unfortunately it was also terrible weather while we were there so we didn’t get to see the Peak and some other spots and ended up spending most of our time shopping and wandering around areas undercover.

Some things I learnt during our short time in Hong Kong:

  • Avoid Nathan Road as much as possible, the hawkers on the street can be quite aggressive
  • The octopus cards for trains and buses are fantastic, no worrying about if you have the correct change for a fare!


  • What we did: 4 days visiting Ocean Park, the Avenue of the Stars, Lan Tau Island and wandering around Hong Kong
  • Favourite part: Meeting up with my partners friends for a fantastic meal
  • Best Experience: Trying out the different food and seeing friends
  • Worst Experience: The horrible smog everywhere. My poor partner was coughing for at least 2 weeks after we got back to Australia
  • Must See Attraction: For my partner it had to be the Avenue of the Stars to see Bruce Lee
  • Next stop: Back home!

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