Easter on Kangaroo Island 2013 – Baudin Conservation Park

After the Sunday Market and lunch with the family, Takeshi and I headed out to Baudin Conservation Park to walk out to the threshing floor.

It was a rather pleasant walk, not too difficult with nice weather and it didn’t take too long to get out to Bates Cottage and the threshing floor. A short easter egg break to recharge and read some of the information (Takeshi hadn’t seen a threshing floor before, so wanted to know how it worked) before we turned around and headed back home. Along the way we found a super scary looking spider which was huge! It was busily spinning a large web right next to the walking track, and with the breeze it made it rather challenging trying to get a photo which wasn’t blurry and included both the spider and its’ web. We also managed to find some wallabies camping out under the trees, and were able to get a few photos of them before we scared them off.

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