New Zealand 2013, Rotten Eggs and Slime – Welcome to Rotorua!

After Coromandel Peninsula we drove south down to Rotorua. The first thing we noticed as soon as we got close to the town was the smell. It smells exactly like rotten eggs… everywhere. The smell of sulphur is so strong it takes a while to get used to, and to be honest we were rather relieved to escape on to Taupo for fresh air. That said, we had fun trying out Zorbing (have to try at least one of New Zealands ‘extreme’ activities) and heading to the Waimangu Thermal Park.

Some things I learnt during our time at Rotorua:

  • Rotorua is a town of rotten eggs. The smell as you drive into town is incredible – prepare your gas mask!
  • Mineral pools have a very strange texture – feels like water, but if you rub the water between your fingers it almost feels slimy


  • What we did: A full day spent zorbing, riding up the gondola to take in the views and running around Waimangu Thermal Park
  • Favourite part: Trying to figure out what the thermal water felt like. Almost seemed like there was a film in the water when you rubbed your fingers together
  • Best Experience: Escaping the smell!
  • Worst Experience: The smell of rotten eggs (or sulphur) from the geothermal activity. It was rather overwhelming at first as it was all you could smell driving into town
  • Must See Attraction: One of the geothermal parks to see the various pools and formations. Waimangu Thermal Park was great to visit, just make sure you give yourself enough time
  • Next stop: Waimangu Thermal Park!

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