Italy 2013, All Roads Lead to Rome

Well it’s only taken slightly over a month to finally get organised, but here we go – the first of the photos from Italy in June this year!

Another year, another flight. My sister and I headed off for our very belated university graduation celebration to wander around Italy for a month. We spent two full days at the start of trip in Rome to settle in and meet up with our tour group. Before we met with the tour group we were able to wander around and see some of the key sights like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Pantheon as well as less well known spots like Capuchin Crypt. The view from the top of the Monumento a Vittoria Emanuelle 2 building was rather nice too, giving a bit higher perspective of Rome.

Some things I learnt during our time in Rome:

  • Italian immigration is chaotic. Don’t expect to get through to passport control very quickly, and queues – they don’t really exist if you don’t move fast enough to close the gap – your elbows however work well
  • Pedestrian walkways are purely for decoration, cars will not stop unless you are in the street and motorbikes won’t stop at all


  • What we did: 2 full days at the start of the trip, and another 2 days mid way through the trip wandering around Rome seeing the sights
  • Favourite part: Getting to see the Colosseum ‘in the flesh’ – very impressive structure
  • Best Experience: Wandering around through various streets and alleyways trying to find different spots in the city centre, and visiting the Capuchin Crypt – well worth a visit for the creepy factor
  • Worst Experience: Getting trapped in the city centre due to the Harley Davidson expo stopping our hotel bus coming in. Not fun at all
  • Must See Attraction: Pantheon, definitely worth a visit
  • Next stop: Onto the Vatican with our lovely tour group!

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