Italy 2013, Racing around Siena

We visited Siena on the way to Florence during our second full day on tour. We were only there for a very short amount of time, but it’s a beautiful town to see with lots of winding streets. The historic centre has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, and is most famous for a horse race called the Palio which is held twice a year with horses racing around the town square.

We had some free time, so my sister and I decided to tackle the bell tower for a birds eye view of Siena. It’s a lot of stairs, but definitely worth it for the view. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to head inside the Duomo, but we got to run around the outside before we had to head back and rejoin our tour group.

Some things I learnt during our very short time in Siena:

  • If you have the stamina, head up the bell tower for a great view of surroundings
  • When you’re done with all that climbing – find gelato!


  • What we did: 1/2 day wandering around the centre of town before heading onto Florence
  • Favourite part: Climbing the Bell tower, tiring but worth it
  • Best Experience: Running around through the side streets of the Duomo and Bell tower hunting for yummy food. Would have loved to have bought the sombrero shaped pasta we found.
  • Worst Experience: Nothing! We were only in Siena for a short while, and had a great time
  • Must See Attraction: View from the Bell tower of course
  • Next stop: Onto Florence!

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