Italy 2013, Cruising Lake Maggiore

We spent roughly two days as a part of our tour within the Lake Maggiore area doing day trips to the lakes and across the border to Switzerland. It was a fast paced introduction to the area, so can’t say that we got to see everything there, but it was an enjoyable time.

Some things I learnt during our time in Lake Maggiore:

  • Switzerland across the border looks just like northern Italy, but somehow different


  • What we did: 2 days in the Lake Maggiore area
  • Favourite part: Visiting Isola Bella, and wandering across the border into Switzerland
  • Best Experience: Buying chocolate in Switzerland – yum!
  • Worst Experience: Terrible food at the hotel which had been selected as a part of the tour (blergh)
  • Must See Attraction: The beautiful lakes in the region
  • Next stop: Onto Verona!

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