Italy 2013, Birthday Celebrations in Venice

Venice is one of those spots that is worth visiting, even if it is a tourist city which empties around 5pm everyday. We had a great time in Venice, both on tour and then later in our trip for a few extra days. We also got to spend our birthday in Venice, eating pizza next to the canals – what could get better than that! The Doge Palace was definitely a highlight of the Venice part of our trip, and is worth seeing. Out of all of the museums we visited in Italy, I think the Doge was the most interesting as it had a great variety of different exhibits, as well as being able to go behind the scenes in some of the closed off areas (on a secret itineries tour), walking across the Bridge of Sighs and seeing the old prison cells.

Some things I learnt during our time in Venice:

  • Grom gelato is incredibly delicious, and for that reason it’s probably a good thing we didn’t stay longer in Venice
  • It’s a lot of fun to wander the backstreets and not worry about a map


  • What we did: Approximately a day and a bit on tour, and then another 4 days later in the trip
  • Favourite part: Wandering through all of the many little streets attempting to find various spots – we eventually stumbled across the places we wanted to get to
  • Best Experience: Exploring the secret passageways within the Doge Palace
  • Worst Experience: Attempting to find our hotel, maps! Where’s a map (with actual markings) when you need one!
  • Must See Attraction: Definitely Saint Marks Square, and the Doge Palace. The museum within the Doge is worth seeing, even if you don’t visit any others in Venice
  • Next stop: Onto Ravenna!

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