Italy 2013, Ruins of Pompeii

The final full day of our tour was a day at Pompeii, and stopping by the Cassino War Cemetery as we heading back to Rome. Pompeii was the one spot in Italy I was very keen to see (and fortunately Kate picked a tour which included Pompeii – thanks sis!). While it’s sad to think that so many people died in the Mt Vesuvius eruption, being able to walk down the streets of a Roman town as it would have been in that time was incredible. It was amazing to see that some of the frescoes and wall decorations had managed to survive even after all of this time. If only we could have also seen the Museum in Naples which apparently houses a lot of the artifacts recovered from Pompeii – definitely on my list to do if I make it back to Italy!

Some things I learnt during our time in Pompeii:

  • Raised stones in the street were used as pedestrian crossings (awesome!)
  • Some mosaics and even wall decorations have survived, even after the eruption and excavations
  • There are water fountains everywhere!


  • What we did: 1/2 day wandering through the ruins of Pompeii
  • Favourite part: Getting to see the incredible detail still present within the bath houses of Pompeii
  • Best Experience: Jumping across the raised stone pedestrian crossings
  • Worst Experience: Strong sun again! Thank you sunscreen for protecting my skin
  • Must See Attraction: … Pompeii is a must see site if you’re visiting Italy… no more needs to be said!
  • Next stop: And that’s the end of our tour. Back to Rome for museum mayhem!

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