Italy 2013, High Fashion Milan

Our final few days were spent in Milan, primarily so that we could visit the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie and see Michaelangelo’s Last Supper. It is well worth the visit if you’re in Italy – and if you go, don’t forget to turn around and take a look at the Crucifixion paining on the opposite side of the room. While we were in Milan we were also able to visit the Duomo which was probably one of the most impressive churches we visited in Italy. St Peters Basilica is amazing; however, the amount of decoration on the outside of Milan’s Duomo is incredible and makes it very worthwhile to get up onto the roof and see it in closer detail.

Some things I learnt during our time in Milan:

  • You can either take a lift or the stairs to the top of the Duomo – I think this was the only Duomo / Belltower we visited in Italy which had that option
  • Dodging skills are required when visiting Sforza


  • What we did: 2 days in Milan spent checking out the Duomo and wandering around
  • Favourite part: Admiring the incredible stained glass windows within the Milan Duomo, as well as seeing The Last Supper (amazing frescoe)
  • Best Experience: Finding the Disney tshirt I wanted to get in Venice in the Milan Disney store (oh yes, I know high fashion!)
  • Worst Experience: Dodging hawkers at Sforza Castle, really don’t like the ones that try to attach bracelets etc to your wrists
  • Must See Attraction: The Duomo of course, it’s an incredible structure
  • Next stop: Onto Dubai

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