Italy 2013, Cruising through the dust of Dubai

Our final stop for our Italy trip was a couple of days in Dubai to help break up the flight home. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Dubai to be honest but enjoyed the time we spent within the city centre. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to wander further out and see the countryside, but we did have a good time wandering around our absolutely massive hotel and seeing a couple of spots in the city centre.

Some things I learnt during our time in Dubai:

  • The usual, no swearing or exposed shoulders/knees
  • Taxis make Dubai very easy to get around and don’t cost as much as you would think – just don’t get in a Lexus taxi


  • What we did: 2 days in the city centre of Dubai
  • Favourite part: The awesome food at the hotel. So good! We also had a great high tea at the Burj Al Arab which was fantastic… I guess I got a bit food obsessed during this part of the trip
  • Best Experience: Chatting with all the lovely staff at our hotel – very friendly and welcoming!
  • Worst Experience: The heat and oppressive humidity. Even at night the temperature still felt exactly the same as during the day, but I guess that’s just a perk of their summer
  • Must See Attraction: Views from the Burj Khalifa on a clear day. Wouldn’t be great on a dusty day, but on a clear day you can get a rather nice view across the city and the surrounding desert
  • Next stop: Home!

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