Brisbane 2013, Crickey! It’s Australia Zoo

For one of the days we spent in Brisbane, Takeshi was very keen to head out to Australia Zoo and so out we drove for a good hour and a half one way (!). It’s a very nicely laid out zoo, with lots of space in each of the enclosures for the animals. There were a lot of crocodiles and koalas, as well as some red pandas, tigers, rhino, giraffes and zebra in additional to some other Australia animals.

While it was a great zoo and an awesome day while we were in Brisbane, I think Auckland is for me still the best zoo we have visited in terms of layout, design, enclosures for the animals and also variety of animals.

A big thank you to Takeshi’s sister for lending us her car for the day. It was very appreciated!


  • What we did: 1 day spent wandering around Australia Zoo
  • Favourite part: Watching the tiger handling
  • Best Experience: Getting to pat a kangaroo, koala and wombat all on the same day – plus the wombat was on a leash which just made it even better
  • Worst Experience: The sun and heat, urg
  • Must See Attraction: Should say the crocodiles, but it would have to be either the red pandas or the tigers
  • Next stop: That’s the end of our trip! Back to Brisbane and then home

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