World Travel 2013-2013, Torrential Rain and Dancing in KL

Another full day in KL with another set of photos! Our second day in KL had a bit lazier start after so much walking the previous day.

To start off the day, we walked over to the National Museum and when we eventually got there (had some trouble finding pedestrian paths across the river) spent some time visiting the National Museum as well as the smaller museums around it which had exhibits on the native Malaysian population. Upon attempting to leave the museum, we hit a slight snag as we managed to time our departure with a torrential downpour. We ran back to our accommodation with all electronics miraculously surviving the trip (although we were pretty wet by the time we got back). It was amazing the amount of water that fell in such a short period of time – streets flooded nearly instantly and one of the car parks near Petaling Street had water nearly to the top of some of the cars tyres. Pretty crazy.

The evening was spent back at the Malaysia Tourism Centre watching a cultural dance, and munching on yummy desserts being sold as a part of the fair. It was a good day, although I don’t think we’ll leave the accommodation without the dry bag for the electronics again…

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