World Travel 2013-2014, Parks, Butterflies and Birds Galore in KL

Today was another full day, this time heading out to the Lake Garden. First stop was at the National Mosque, where I got to experience what it is like wearing a head to toe covering in Malaysian heat (the mosque fortunately provides fetching purple robes with hoods for any tourists who don’t meet the dress code). I don’t know how the ladies do it! I got very hot, very quickly, but I guess you would get used to it after a while. The mosque was a nice spot to visit with beautiful architecture. We were very lucky, as we arrived just in time to see the mosque before it closed to non Muslim tourists for the lunch time prayer service.

After that we headed on to the Bird Park. The Bird Park was great, and while there were still caged birds, there were also birds within large free flight aviaries which was really nice. Once we attempted to leave the park another torrential rain storm started (we seem to have great timing with these). It took about an hour of waiting, but it eventually started to clear and we wandered through the Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens. These gardens are beautiful and certainly worth a visit (especially on a weekday when it’s free entry) – so many lovely flowers!

The Butterfly Park is 20RM entry (adult), and is a rather beautiful garden as well as housing butterflies, although the butterflies can be hard to spot. We did managed to find a large number of butterflies just as we were about to leave – they must have all been hiding from the rain. We also visited Merdeka Square and wandered around a bit which was nice for our final full day in KL, as we depart for Singapore tomorrow evening!

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