World Travel 2013-2014, Singapore Zoo

After the overnight train from Malaysia, we cleared immigration and were on our way into Singapore towards Singapore Zoo. It took us a bit of time to get on the right bus, but after a short stop to visit the Kranji War Cemetery, we continued on to the Zoo.

Singapore Zoo would have to be one of the best zoos we have visited. The layout of the zoo is great, there is a diverse mixture of plants which create a lush environment to wander through, and the variety of animals is incredible. I particularly loved how the majority of the animals (there are some exceptions like the spider monkeys and snakes) are either able to free roam within a large enclosure that you can walk around, or natural barriers are used (primarily water) to create the enclosures rather than glass or bars. Even the cheetah, tigers and lions don’t have bars across the front of the enclosure, just a water and trench barrier! You know it’s a special zoo when orang-utan can swing through the trees above your head unrestricted.

For 22 Singapore dollars for an adult entry (27 if you include the tram ride) it’s also a very reasonably priced zoo considering it’s size, variety of animals and the incredible landscaping throughout the zoo. It took us 5 and a half hours of solid walking to get around the zoo, and we could have stayed there longer, so if you go definitely aim to spend all day there so you can enjoy wandering through the lush grounds.

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