World Travel 2013-2013, Lighting up Singapore and hunting for Buddha’s Teeth

Today was a day spent on foot roaming around some of the sights not far from our accommodation in Chinatown. Our first stop was the Sri Mariamman Temple (we saw the one in KL, so had to visit this one) before heading on to the Buddha Tooth Relic Museum. This temple and museum is well worth a visit, and filled with great exhibits explaining the life of Buddha and explaining some of the aspects of Buddhism. The roof top garden in particular is worth a visit with the wheel (used to aid in reciting the sutras) surrounded by thousands of tiny Buddhas and a rather lush garden.

From there we walked to Raffles Terrace park before heading over to the Raffles City shopping centre. From there it was back across the bridge towards Chinatown to loop around Marina Bay and on to visit the Gardens by the Bay. We managed to time our arrival with not only a lightning storm above the park, but also the beginning of the light show in the SuperGrove. The light show is held at 7:45pm and 8:45pm, and is well worth a visit – it was rather spectacular to see the structures lit up and changing colours in time to the music.

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