World Travel 2013-2013, Strolling through Singapore Botanic Gardens

Our final full day (as we fly out on 5pm the following day) was spent wandering through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and visiting Mac Ritchie Reservoir.

It was a bit warm for wandering through the gardens, but it was still nice and there was a fantastic variety of plants. The Healing Garden in particular was quite interesting, showcasing different plants that are toxic or used to treat various ailments in the body, and the Evolution Garden was also rather nice to wander through, showcasing plant development since the creation of the planet (it was also nice and cool under all those trees!)

Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time at the Mac Ritchie Reservoir as we had arrived rather late in the day; however, we did get to wander around a bit and see some of the scenery as well as try out the fitness park. I’d never done a chin up before and turns out I’m not very good at them, could only do two.

At least the photos turned out a bit better than my chin up ability…

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