World Travel 2013-2014, Singapore Wrap Up

  • Overall what we did: 3 (and a bit) days spent in Singapore from 20 November to 23 November 2013
  • Favourite part of Kuala Lumpur: Again, the metro system (so easy to get around), and also the incredible amount of delicious food everywhere – I don’t think it’s possible to go hungry in Singapore
  • Key tip: Try to catch the MRT (train network) where possible to your destination. It’s reasonably priced (the ticket to the airport was a bit over $2, so cheap to get to an airport!), easy to use and has frequent services
  • Cultural points:
    • Culture: Singapore is a blend of many different cultural groups (Chinese, Indian etc) which creates distinct different areas within the city, and many different food options to try!
  • Highlights: Getting to try sting ray, dragon fruit and guava for the first time as well as a number of other Singaporean dishes – so yummy! The drinks are fantastic too – particularly the Sugar Cane drink at Newton Food Centre with Sam and her family, as well as the Iced Lemon and Sour Plum at Nanjing Coffee House in Chinatown. The juices are pretty delicious too…
  • Best Experience: Enjoying an incredible dinner, a tour of a Singapore home and then a night tour of Singapore with Sam and her family. Thank you so much for showing us around Singapore, inviting us into your home and helping us experience some of the incredible food in Singapore!
  • Worst Experience: Getting off the bus 2.5 km too early for our stop and having to walk… with 10 kilos of packs to the correct stop. Then repeating the exact same mistake on the next bus >_< Needless to say, we didn't catch buses after that (yay for trains!)
  • Must See Attraction: Without a doubt, Singapore Zoo. Would also recommend the light show at the Gardens on the Bay
  • Most Over-hyped Attraction: Sentosa Island, and the S.E.A. Aquarium. Unless you love theme parks, Sentosa Island isn’t for you, and the aquarium is over priced for the size of the aquarium. The crowds are also absolute mayhem on the weekend. Seriously, don’t go on a weekend!
  • Would I go back? Yes, absolutely. Would love to go back and try out more of the delicious Singapore food, as well as visit a few more places we didn’t get to during our short stay

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