World Travel 2013-2014, Phuket Town, Temples and Buddhas

Our first full day in Phuket was spent walking around Phuket Town. It wasn’t until the end of the day when we returned to the accommodation that we read a review stating Phuket Town was just a bit too big to get around on foot (oops) but we managed alright throughout the day with a few breaks.

Thailand is certainly an interesting change from Singapore – especially with cleanliness and also safety. The electrical cabling in Phuket is rather amazing, and I’m not quite sure how it all works without electrocuting someone. It was also interesting to see that so many vehicles were ‘taxis’. I don’t think people could understand that some crazy tourists would actually want to walk in this heat, and we had many people, cars and motorbikes offering taxi services.

Some of the temples within Phuket Town are beautiful (in particular Wat Khao Rang Temple); however, if you are walking around I wouldn’t recommend walking at night. The traffic can be rather hectic, and there are barely any pedestrian footpaths. Where they do exist they can end in large holes or be used as car parking rather than pedestrian paths which can be tricky to negotiate.

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