World Travel 2013-2014, Ao Phangnga National Park

Today was spent on tour all day visiting the Ao Phangnga National Park with the Phuket Team Canoe group. We had great time, and it was fantastic value for a full day of activities, transfers, lunch, drinks and snacks… for only $30 AUD per person!

I think one of the big draws of this particular tour was seeing the island used in one of the James Bond movies (now called James Bond Island); however, out of all of the stops, I probably found that one the least interesting due to the number of tourists and souvenir stores everywhere. The other stops like Hong Island, Panak Island and Lawa Island were much nicer as we were able to relax and enjoy the scenery without hordes of other tourists.

Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested in seeing the islands around Phuket. The scenery is incredibly beautiful, and it’s very relaxing to be able to see it all from a boat.

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