World Travel 2013-2014, Silom Road and Bangkok at Night

Today was our first full day in Bangkok after a very long overnight bus from Phuket (I think it felt longer due to the lack of sleep and the incredibly poor singing from the drunk Russians on the bus).

Unfortunately, even though we were due to arrive around 8am, we were a bit delayed due to traffic and then it took as a few more hours to get into the Bangkok city centre and find some accommodation. Once that was all done and we had finally dropped off our bags, we had spent an extra 5 hours in transit and it was already 2pm. Considering that, we didn’t get to see much of Bangkok other than wandering Silom Road at night and heading up to the Erawan Shrine. The shrine was an interesting spot to visit, with people praying and placing incense sticks and garlands in an area completely surrounded by shopping malls.

Silom Road is more of a shopping area, which isn’t particularly interesting for us (we can’t carry any further weight, so shopping is out) but it was interesting to see all the different types of street vendors, particularly food stalls all along Silom Road at night.

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