World Travel 2013-2014, Sunset at Angkor Wat

Today was our first full day in Cambodia. The day itself was spent wandering around the town of Siem Reap before heading off around 4pm to collect our day passes to the Angkor Wat Park. Siem Reap itself is a rather small town and easy to get around on a bicycle (once you get used to the crazy traffic). Our accommodation has free bicycles for use, so we grabbed a couple of bikes and wandered around, taking a look at the information centre (not very helpful) as well as Ankor D’Artisan. The workshop at Artisan D’Ankor was interesting, and it was great to be able to see how some of the objects are made and finished in preparation for sale.

Of course, being in Siem Reap the big attraction is Ankor Wat, so we headed off to get our pass as you can purchase the next days pass after 4:45pm. By purchasing the ticket for the next day after 4:45pm, you are also able to enter the park for the remaining hour that it’s open. This is just enough time to be able to head into the park and see the sunset at Angkor Wat or another temple of your choosing. Just keep in mind that the lines can become pretty long around 4:30pm, so it pays to get there a bit early and nab your spot in line!

I have to say that the colours of the sunset here weren’t as spectacular as the sunsets I’m used to back home in Australia, but it was still rather special to see Angkor Wat – even if it was an experience with a lot of other tourists.

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