World Travel 2013-2014, The Many Faces of Bayon

Bayon is probably one of my favourite temples that we visited in the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. Why? Because it’s just so different with all of the faces peering at you from all directions. We managed to arrive in Bayon not long before sunset, which was fantastic as the faces were lit up with a warm glow from the setting sun. It also meant there were barely any other tourists there as most of them had already left tot see the sunset at Angkor Wat (score!).

Bayon is the central Buddhist temple of the ancient city of Angkor Thom, and was built around 1190AD by King Jayavarman VII. Built as a square, Bayon represents the intersection of heaven and earth, and is best known for the many faces carved into the temple at each point of the compass. There is estimated to be around 200 faces on the Bayon temple; however, as not all of them have survived intact it isn’t possible to know exactly how many there originally were.

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