World Travel 2013-2014, Royal Palace and Wat Phnom

Today was spent primarily visiting the Royal Palace before wandering on to Wat Phnom and Central Market in Phnom Penh. For me personally, I would have to say that I didn’t think the entry into the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda was worth the cost. It was approximately $6 US for one person, and while you can walk a bit of the palace grounds, large sections are out of bounds and there is only one building which you can poke your head inside – you can’t even go inside that building. The Silver Pagoda itself doesn’t compare to how well maintained the temple is for the Emerald Buddha in Thailand. The silver tiles which give the pagoda it’s name are held together by sticky tape and you can feel them shifting under your feet as you walk over the areas which are covered in rugs.

Overall, while seeing the Khmer architecture was nice, I wouldn’t go back to this particular site.

After the Royal Palace we walked alongside the river up to Wat Phnom, which is a rather standard temple on the top of a small hill; however, the grounds around it are rather nice. After that, we headed into Central Market and wandered the stalls which sold everything from jewellery, tourist t shirts to food.

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