World Travel 2013-2014, Wakayama Castle

I’ll keep this blog post rather short. We headed out to Wakayama before Christmas to visit the castle there as well as some temples. Unfortunately it was a bit too cold without a coat to continue on to the temples (left that for another day), but we did get to the castle. The entry price was reasonable at 400 yen each (around $5 AUD), and the castle itself is rather similar to Osaka-jo. The inside has been converted into a museum containing various weaponary and samurai armour as well as models of the castle and it’s grounds.

If you are travelling in the Osaka area, I would say that visiting Osaka-jo would be a better choice over Wakayama-jo as you would be able to incorporate other activities in the same day. For us, because the train journey was relatively short as we’re closer to Wakayama than Osaka central it was a nice half day trip.

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