World Travel 2013-2014, Stairs, Stairs and More Stairs – the Temples of Wakayama

Due to the cold we abandoned heading to the Wakayama temples after the castle, so we headed back on another day.

Our plan for today was to visit approximately 3 or 4 temples in Wakayama. Little did I realise that every single temple had stairs. And no, I don’t mean a nice small set of stairs. I suspect whoever built the temples probably thought, “Hmm, what’s the highest possible point in this area that we could build on – hey that looks good!” These stairs are definitely not for people with weak ankles or knees as they’re reasonably uneven as well, but at least I got some exercise.

We did a fair amount of walking, but it was great fun to get out and about and see some of the temples in the area. Would I recommend it if you are only in Japan for a short time, no probably not – you would be better off visiting the temples in Kyoto. For us, it was great because we have the time to get out and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about whether we are seeing ‘must see’ destinations.

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