World Travel 2013-2014, Transit to Hualien

Today was a very quiet day as we spent our time travelling from Taipei to Hualien by train. The journey took us about 3 or so hours, and was rather relaxing as we got to sit back and edit a few photos which had been neglected for a while!

The evening was spent wandering around Hualien attempting to hunt down a restaurant which our hostel owner recommended for Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Hualien was a lot bigger and liver than I anticipated – it felt more like a moderate size city, whereas I was probably expecting something closer to Siem Reap which was more like a large town.

I was rather excited to try out the beef noodle soup, as I had heard Taiwan is known for the dish; however, we hadn’t had much luck trying to locate a restaurant in Taipei (it turns out it’s very difficult to find a specific dish when you can’t read the menu…). We eventually found the restaurant and had a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup which I’ll have to share some photos of in the next post!

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