World Travel 2013-2014, Taroko National Park

Today was a long day spent hiking in Taroko National Park. The park is a bit over an hour by bus away from Hualien and there is a shuttle bus available from the bus terminal near to the Hualien station. We got an all day pass which allows you to jump on and off the shuttles as often as you want for $250 TND.

Out first stop was Tiansiang to climb up around the pagoda and check out the views of the town from there. Would highly recommend that climb as there are some beautiful views of the town and surrounding mountains. Afterwards we headed up the road about 900m to the Baiyang Trail. This was a nice easy trail to walk and has some spectacular waterfalls as well as the water curtain at the end of the trail.

We then headed onto Swallows Grotto which is one of the most popular trails in the park; however, personally I preferred Baiyang. It’s not as fun competing with buses and cars for walking space and for a good while I didn’t realise that was the actual trail until we reached the end of it! The views of the gorge are rather spectacular so you can understand why the tour buses go.

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