World Travel 2013-2014, Jongmyo Shrine, Deoksugung Palace and N Seoul Tower

Final temple day! As we’d bought a combination ticket at the first palace we visited in Seoul, we had two more sites to visit on the pass. Those sites were Jongmyo Shrine and Deoksugung Palace.

As Jongmyo Shrine wasn’t that far from our accommodation, it was our first stop of the day. The shrine isn’t particularly big so it didn’t take us long to wander around and then start moving towards our next destination.

Afterwards it was onto the final palace, Deoksugung! This was a rather small palace, and in comparison to some of the larger palaces not necessarily that exciting, but we did manage to time our exit from the palace with the changing of the guard ceremony which was rather cool. The guards costumes looked great, and it was fun to see plenty of people having their photos taken with the guards and watching the ceremony.

Finally, our last stop of the day was the N Seoul Tower. We walked over from Deoksugung and walked up to the base of the tower. The climb isn’t that bad; however, I’ve been a bit sick lately so dizziness combined with stairs wasn’t always the best option, but we made it in the end. The view from the lookout of Seoul is rather nice; however, would have to say the locks are one of the interesting things about the N Seoul Tower. There’s so many of them! It was also a little sad to see one poor gentleman running up to the fence to remove his combination lock from the fence. I guess that relationship didn’t work out – good thing he used a combination lock…

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