World Travel 2013-2014, It’s Daejeon

Daejeon was our stop after Buyeo and we arrived rather late in the evening due to staying a bit longer in Buyeo than anticipated. We were very hopelessly lost once we got off the bus and had no idea how to get to our accommodation. Fortunately for us, Mr Park came to the rescue and got us on a bus, paid for our ticket, walked us to our accommodation and provided us with a list of activities to do in Daejeon. Pretty amazing, and also very appreciative of his help!

In the morning we decided to check out some of his recommendations. Our first stop was the Yuseong Hot Spring which was not far from our accommodation. It’s a free open air hot spring space within the city, and is open 24 hours a day. It was lovely soaking our feet in the warm water after wandering around in the cold. As a bonus our feet felt so soft and warm afterwards even a good half hour later.

We then caught the bus towards Expo Park, and took a couple of photos (it was completely deserted… I half expected tumble weeds to start flying through) before escaping to the central city area. Unfortunately I was getting pretty sick at this point, so we stopped for lunch and then dropped our bags off at Daegu Station before going on the hunt for Sung Sim Dang Bakery. I’ll write a seperate blog post on that one, but we found it and can confirm that it was delicious!

Finally, we managed to catch the light show at the Sky Road before heading back to the station to catch our bus onto Daegu. The light show was rather impressive, and when the screens were all white it lit up the street like it was broad daylight. Unfortunately there was a large amount of advertising, so we only stuck around for a bit of the display.

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