World Travel 2013-2014, Final Wanderings in Gyeong-ju

Today was our final day in Gyeong-ju before heading off to our final stop in Korea, the city of Busan. We wandered towards the museum and made a stop at the Cheomseongdae Observatory as well as Anapji Pond. There is no entry fee for the observatory, and the pond has a small admission fee – would have to say though that Anapji Pond would be better to visit at night when it is lit up. We visited during the day, and while the walk around the lake is nice, it would be more impressive at night.

We did make a brief stop at the museum, but unfortunately for us being a Monday they were closed. Although the museum is closed, they do keep the grounds open so we were able to wander around and see some of the statues as well as the bell which are outside of the museum buildings. Can’t comment on what the museum itself was like, but the grounds were rather nice.

Now onto Busan!

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