World Travel 2013-2014, Walking through Westminster

Today was another day of walking, this time around the Westminster area of London which is incredibly beautiful and full of some of the key landmarks most tourists know London for.

We found a website called Walk London, which had a suggested route around Westminster called the Westminster Walk. It had to be modified a little as we decided to start at Buckingham Palace, but it was very useful for identifying the key spots to see along the way.

The walk for us started at Victoria Underground Station, we then went past the Royal Mews before stopping at Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards. Not really that exciting and big crowds but at least we can say we visited it. We then walked along Pall Mall before heading into St James Park (very beautiful park), going past the Horse Guards Parade and through to Trafalgar Square. We then walked up to Leicester Square before looping back down and around, past 10 Downing Street and around Westminster Abbey before walking around the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We then started wandering up the Thames towards Temple Underground Station to take a few photos of the London Eye.

It was a very pleasant walk, and definitely recommend trying out this route if you’re in London and want to see the sights around Westminster.

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