World Travel 2013-2014, Ghent in a Day

It was a very long day for our first day in Belgium. We caught the overnight bus from London, and although it wasn’t bad we had very broken sleep due to the ferry transfer (departure around 9:30pm, woken up for customs and ferry boarding at midnight, departure off ferry at 1:30am) and then our 5am arrival in Ghent.

Obviously I need to do more thorough research. I knew there was a bus which would take us from the drop off point for our bus into the town centre… but it didn’t start running until 5:40am, and it was freezing cold. So there we were at 5am in the morning, freezing cold, very sleepy and a bit disorientated without a map. We waited until well after 6am, but no bus showed so we began the hour or so walk into town with our packs. Amazingly we got there eventually, even without a clear map.

As a bonus, because we were up so early we were able to wander through most of the historic town centre before we checked in and then spent the afternoon wandering around some more.

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