World Travel 2013-2014, Blown away in Kinderdijk

Rotterdam was proving to be a good place for us to be based for day trips. Today was spent heading out to

for an impromptu lunch (we didn’t realise the ferry didn’t run to Kinderdijk from 10am to 12pm) before heading out to Kinderdijk.

Dordrecht is a rather quiet town, and was rather relaxing to wander through. Not sure if we would have bought tickets just to Dordrecht, but in combination with Kinderdijk it was good – and it didn’t cost us any extra to visit as the ferry pass was an unlimited all day pass.

Kinderdijk is an interesting place to visit. There were quite a lot of tourists around even though it isn’t peak season yet and the weather wasn’t good. Although that said, most of the tourists were from bus groups so they would have had a set schedule. Walking among all the Japanese tourists almost made me feel like we were back in Asia…

Anyway, here are the photos!

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