World Travel 2013-2014, Discovering Lisbon

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Lisbon. We had originally planned to go there, but changed our mind as it would add more days onto our Schengen Visa (three months in Europe just isn’t enough time!). We found however that while we were in Madrid we were debating where we wanted to go next and were debating if we should go to Egypt or Morocco. Due to the current situation in Egypt, we thought it was best to have a bit more time to think about our decision and that’s how we ended up heading to Lisbon!

It turned out to be a fantastic idea I think. We ended up deciding not to go to Egypt (an upcoming election and recent political turmoil probably isn’t a good combo) and had a fantastic time in Lisbon instead. While Lisbon looks like it’s falling apart in places (there is a lot of graffiti and old buildings), the streets have a lot of charm and the people were very friendly and kind.

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