World Travel 2013-2014, Reaching the Sahara

Day two of the tour was pretty much spent just driving which was rather disappointing. We didn’t stop all that much other than for more overpriced food and for the occasional drink / bathroom break (oh and a half hour walk through Todra Gorges which then lead us to carpet sellers where I don’t think anyone knew what was happening). Once we finally reached the departure point for our camels into the Sahara Desert there was a slight problem.

We managed to time our arrival with a sandstorm which was an interesting experience as we were all stuck in the hotel for a while waiting for it to die down. Fortunately it passed, and we were able to hop on our camels and head out to the Berber tents to spend the evening. Strangely though, we did also get rained on along the way to the tents. I have to say I didn’t expect to get rained on in the Sahara Desert!

We ended up sleeping under the stars as it was way too hot to stay inside the tent (the temperature didn’t really drop a huge amount overnight). Would have been even better if it wasn’t overcast so we could see the stars, but it was still a very memorable evening.

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