World Travel 2013-2014, Final Day on Tour in the Sahara

Our final day on tour. We were woken up at 5am to get back on the camels and head back to the hotel. During the ride, we were able to watch the sun rise over the Sahara which was rather beautiful – although I have to admit the ride was a lot less comfortable the second time around.

Once we were back at the hotel we had enough time to quickly scoff down some food before we were told to hurry up and get back on the bus (definitely no time for showers!). The rest of the day until about 7pm was spent in the bus driving back to Marrakech with only brief stops for lunch, and a morning and afternoon coffee / bathroom break.

Would I do this tour again? Yes and no. It was fantastic to do as I met a wonderful group of people; however, I wouldn’t do it for the actual sights again. I knew there would be a lot of driving, but I found it pretty frustrating that even when asked direct questions the guides and drivers would ignore the person asking the question. Definitely made me feel like I was a wallet being shepherded to places purely to hand over money.

Ah well. The Sahara was rather beautiful – I would just recommend finding a more comfortable way of doing it, and skip the camel ride!

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