World Travel 2013-2014, Morocco Wrap Up

  • Overall what we did: 6 days split into: 1/2 day in Tangier, 3 days on tour and 2.5 days in Marrakech from 10 May 2014 to 15 May 2014
  • Favourite part of Morocco: Meeting some fantastic people on our tour to the Sahara Desert, oh and of course avocado juice
  • Key tip: Be very careful if taking photographs, particularly within the souks and market areas. Avoid taking photos which might include any of the snake charmers / monkey handlers etc as you may find them approaching rapidly demanding money – even if you didn’t want a photo of them
  • Cultural points:
    • Hands: Similar to India and Nepal, the left hand is unclean and shouldn’t be used when handling food
    • Hospitality: Moroccon tea is an important part of the culture. It is considered very rude to refuse a glass of tea when offered. Just keep in mind that the tea is heavily sweetened so depending on if you like that or not, you may not want a refill
  • Highlights: Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert
  • Before sunrise, Sahara, Morocco

    Before sunrise, Sahara, Morocco

  • Best Experience: Again, the Sahara experience although I would have to say the food was also fantastic – finally found some veggies!
  • Worst Experience: Hmm, we managed to lose a bit of money (not a lot) which wasn’t so fun, and there was the usual overly pushy salesmen for cafes and restaurants
  • Must See Attraction: Drinking Moroccon mint tea. Not really an attraction because we didn’t see that many, but it’s something to try when in Morocco. Very sweet but very refreshing in the hot weather
  • Most Over-hyped Attraction: Marrakech? I didn’t think that the city itself offered anything particularly different from our time in Nepal so personally it’s not somewhere I would return
  • Would I go back? No. I didn’t like the heat, and the hard sell from most if not all of the cafe, restaurants and stall holders. While to a certain extent I had gotten used to it in Nepal etc, after a few months in Europe I have to admit I much prefer having a bit of physical space when deciding on a location to eat at. It was a good experience though, so I don’t regret going – would just rather go to other places that I haven’t been to instead

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