World Travel 2013-2014, Italy Wrap Up

  • Overall what we did: Less than 1 day in Milan on 16 May 2014
  • Favourite part of Italy: Erm, the food? Have to admit, I really love pasta especially the perfectly cooked pasta I’ve been able to enjoy in Italy
  • Key tip: Eat lots of pasta! Actually eat lots full stop. Don’t go to Italy without leaving with a very full tummy!
  • Cultural points:
    • None: See the other Italy wrap up if you want some more detail 🙂
  • Highlights: Grom gelato! Words cannot express how much I love this gelato store. If I actually lived in Italy, I don’t think I would ever be able to walk past one of these stores without buying something. Probably a good thing I don’t live in Italy as just Grom alone would be very bad for my waistline and wallet.
  • Caramel and Coconut Chocolate Piccolo from Grom, Milan, Italy

    Caramel and Coconut Chocolate Piccolo from Grom, Milan, Italy

  • Best Experience: Getting to show Takeshi around a city I had visited less than a year ago, and sitting down to a delicious dinner. I was very happy that I could share some of the fantastic experiences Kate and I had together last year, and that Takeshi enjoyed the food so much!
  • Worst Experience: Running around in circles trying to get out of the Malpensa Airport. We finally got out on a bus but it took us a while to find a reasonable cost transport and caused us to lose a bit of time which was a shame
  • Must See Attraction: The Duomo of course. An incredibly beautiful structure, both inside and outside
  • Most Over-hyped Attraction: None, we were only in Milan a very brief time and didn’t get to visit a lot.
  • Would I go back? Absolutely. I would love for Takeshi to experience the beauty of Florence and some of the other cities in Italy. Milan is really only just a small tip of what Italy has to offer

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