World Travel 2013-2014, Returning to Milan

After a while, you get a bit tired of long transit days so Takeshi and I decided to have a bit of a splurge. As our flight had to connect through Milan anyway to get to Athens, we decided to change our flights a bit so we would be able to stay one night in the fashion capital of Italy.

If only we had stayed an extra night! The one day was a bit rushed as we landed around 2pm (clearing the airport took a while), and really only had time to briefly take a look at the Duomo before checking into our accommodation and heading out to dinner. We managed to accomplish a fair bit though. Not only did we get to see the Duomo but we were also able to have a delicious dinner out and introduce Takeshi to the wonders of Grom gelato. I think the pasta had him pretty hooked though, so I suspect one day we’ll go back to Italy 🙂

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