World Travel 2013-2014, Exploring the Acropolis

Today was an exciting day. Normally the museums and Acropolis in Athens are closed on a Sunday (which we didn’t realise until we were flying into the country, whoops). Fortunately for us though, we were super lucky and didn’t have to extend our stay in Athens by a day. Why?

Because the Sunday we were in Athens was International Museum Day. Free entry to all of the public museums, including the Acropolis! WHOO!!

Words cannot express how excited I was that a) it was open and we could go on the Sunday, and b) I didn’t have to pay! Bonus! The great thing about the free entry was that it wasn’t just the Acropolis that was free – all pubic museums were open and free entry for the day which was fantastic as we were able to see a lot more than we had originally anticipated. We stopped by a few smaller ruins on the way to the Acropolis, the Acropolis itself, the Acropolis Museum and the Zeus Temple nearby.

It was a pretty awesome day, and I enjoyed being able to stand on the Acropolis and look out over Athens (as well as check out the Pantheon of course). The Acropolis Museum was a bit interesting though. I loved how it was built over the ruins of several buildings and that all of the floor is glass allowing you to see into the structures. Very cool idea. It was a bit sad though seeing the display of friezes from the Pantheon in the museum. All of the friezes on display were either very very badly damaged or replicas. The British Museum definitely has the best works from the Pantheon, so I would highly recommend visiting the British Museum if you want to see what the decorations on the Pantheon look like.

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