World Travel 2013-2014, Burning through Ephesus

Well today was a fun filled day of walking, ruins and dodging tourists. Ah yes, today was the day we headed out to Ephesus to check out some Roman ruins and snoop in on the tour groups conversations. Always amusing to see how much Japanese I can translate.

We had a lot of fun checking out the ruins and the library in particular was incredibly beautiful. The site reminded me a lot of Pompeii, so if you’ve been to Pompeii (enjoyed it, and wouldn’t mind doing something similar again) then you would enjoy Ephesus.

But Ephesus, why? Why did you have to burn me so badly? Yes I forgot to put sunscreen on my neck (was a bit too worried about my shoulders and forgot about the neck, whoops) but seriously… I did wear my hat after all. Ouch.

Lesson learnt. Avoid the sun at all costs!

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