World Travel 2013-2014, Fluffy Clouds of Pamukkale

We headed to Pamukkale after our brief stay in Sel├žuk to visit Ephesus. It was a bit of an interesting place I guess. A very small town that was really only filled with tourists or locals selling services to tourists. There are definitely a lot of Korean and Japanese tourists in the area though as there was even specialist restaurants.

After going for a walk around town (literally took 5 minutes) we walked up to the mineral deposits which Pamukkale is known for. Entry was 25 lira (about 12.5 AUD) per person. After walking around the outside and taking a look up we decided it wasn’t for us to head in. We had just visited the rather spectacular Ephesus and didn’t need to see more ruins, and we could get a fantastic view of the deposits from the park next to it.

So here’s a few photos of our super short journey around Pamukkale and its’ mineral deposits!

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