World Travel 2013-2014, Floating above Cappadocia

Here we go. Finally have gotten around to writing the post with the photos from our balloon ride.

We had a lot of fun (except for the 4:30am pick up), and it was great to be able to watch the sun rise over Goreme with all of the other balloons. The balloon we were in held about 28 people, and although there were 7 people in our section of the basket, it wasn’t too squeezy fortunately.

The 60 minutes went by very quickly, and the landing at the end of the ride was very smooth and straight onto the trailer which was pretty good going I thought. We had a good pilot as well who was able to fly us right next to the fairy chimneys and some of the rock formations which was pretty cool – made the experience even more memorable!

Highly recommend giving this a try if you’re in Cappadocia. The views are incredible and it’s worth the 100 or so euros per person (just make sure you negotiate, as we were able to get the price a bit under a 100 euros).

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