World Travel 2013-2014, Monster Transit to Sofia

Well, well. We thought it wouldn’t be so bad and yes it wasn’t super bad as we did get some sleep but we had probably one of the worst imaginable transits from Istanbul, Turkey to Sofia, Bulgaria. What should have been a night train between the two cities became a bus, train, bus, train, and finally another train transfer. I was beginning to feel like a little sheep being herded from one mode of transport to the next…

Wouldn’t be so bad if the first bus hasn’t started at 10pm, and we didn’t arrive in Sofia until 1pm the following day. 16 hours spent in transit, with three of those hours spent waiting from about 3am to 6am on the border watching one person from our bus get carted away at passport control and then another by customs. Who knew what was going on there….

An extra special thank you to the lovely lady who saw us (*cough* me) looking in a bakery window and decided to buy us one of the breads. I had no idea what was happening initially as we couldn’t communicate with each other, but we really appreciated your kindness and it brought a very big smile to my face. The bread was delicious, and it allowed us to have some lunch at the accommodation once we arrived and not have to go out again (which was unbelievably fantastic and appreciated after such a long transit). Thank you so much!

Incredible feta filled deliciousness from a very kind lady, Sofia, Bulgaria

Incredible feta filled deliciousness from a very kind lady, Sofia, Bulgaria

After crashing at our accommodation and enjoying our delicious bread we, er. Well we didn’t do overly much. So here are a few photos from Sofia when we did start wandering around the following day.

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