World Travel 2013-2014, Romania Wrap Up

  • Overall what we did: 8 days split into: 3 days in Bucharest, 1 day in Bran, 1 day in Sinaia, 2 day in Brasov, and 1 day in Sibiu from 10 June 2014 to 16 June 2014
  • Favourite part of Romania: The beautiful scenery. Can’t beat those beautiful mountains and rolling hills!
  • Key tip: Watch out for scams and stray animals. As with any country, there can be people who will take advantage of tourists
  • Cultural points:
    • Stray Animals: There are a lot of stray dogs in Bucharest and apparently they travel in packs. Best to avoid them if you do see them (we didn’t)
  • Highlights: Meeting the lovely Joanne and Vivian in both Brasov and Sibiu, exploring Bran Castle on Friday the 13th (and a full moon) and enjoying the Romanian food
  • Best Experience: There were quite a few great experiences in Romania. Probably one of the most amusing was reviewing the photos from Bran Castle and realising that we looked like Dwayne Dibley in one of the photos…
  • Looking up at Bran Castle, Bran, Romania

    Looking up at Bran Castle, Bran, Romania

  • Worst Experience: No particularly bad experiences. The only thing might be te amount of time we spent in transit. Romania is a reasonable size country so there were many hours spent on buses and trains
  • Must See Attraction: Peles Castle – one of those strange ones. It’s worth visiting but you don’t need much time at all to visit it
  • Most Over-hyped Attraction: Peles Castle. It was very beautiful, but I don’t think the town offered much other than the castle for us so it was a very short visit
  • Would I go back? Probably not. We were able to cover a bit of ground during our time in Romania, and while the country is beautiful (and I wouldn’t mind coming back), like Bulgaria unless there was a lot of time to visit I would probably head somewhere new instead

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  1. Vivien says:

    Oh wow we got a mention in your blog! Am so happy 🙂 The highlights of our trip were meeting you as well, I don’t think I’ll ever forget walking into the hostel in Sibiu and seeing you at the kitchen table. Love your pictures, it was just like being there all over again!

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