World Travel 2013-2014, Oahu Photography Tour, Part 2

Onto part two, the final post of the photography tour blog posts! After attempting to chase down a rainbow (without a huge amount of success), we headed onto our next stops.

The first stop was a rather beautiful and deserted beach which at the right time of day had striking shadows on the sand from the trees. We spent a little while here, running around taking photos until the light was just right and we could try to shoot the darker shadows from the trees.

We then had a roadside stop to take some photos of the mountains. This was an incredible spot as we had plants everywhere on the fences, lots of mist over the mountains and birds everywhere. Unfortunately this was the point where Takeshi’s camera started running out of battery but fortunately we didn’t have too much of the tour left.

After a late breakfast it was onto our final spot which was probably also my favourite. Off the side of the road we headed down to a little area with water falls to experiment with different shutter speeds. Being able to capture water like this has been something I’ve wanted to try so it was great fun to give it a go. Dodging the mosquitoes though wasn’t quite as fun… I seem to be a magnet for them!

I would highly recommend going on this tour to anyone who is interested in photography, or would just like to take some beautiful photos of Oahu. It’s definitely proven to me that I’m not a photographer, just a photo taker, but I’m happy with that if I can capture even a fragment of the images I’ve seen on our travels so far!

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